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Butterfly Knives Balisong Butterfly Knife For Sale

Butterfly Balisong Batangas Knives
The Balisong (also known as a "butterfly knife" or "Batangas knife") is a type of folding pocket knife that consists of two handles that counter-rotate around the tang of the blade. When the knife is closed, the blade fits into grooves located in the handles, where it is effectively concealed. In the hands of a trained Balisong butterfly knife user, the Balisong butterfly knife blade can be brought out quickly with the use of just one hand. Manipulations (or "flipping") of a Balisong butterfly knife require great skill and can be performed as artistic expression or just for amusement. The meaning of the word "Balisong" is enigmatic and a source of debate. One belief is that it originated from the Tagalog words "baling sungay" which literally mean "Broken Horn". Balisong Butterfly knives were originally made from carved animal horns.
The history of the Balisong butterfly knife is mostly uncertain. The following are the three main prevailing opinions:
  1. The knife dates back to around 800 A.D. and is a traditional weapon of the Filipino fighting art of Eskrima. However, the butterfly knife is not actually a prominent weapon in the art.
  2. The knife was invented around 1900 A.D. in the Philippines and spread by American Soldiers returning from World War II.
  3. The knife was invented in France in the late 1500's and published in the book "Le Perret" in 1710. It then spread throughout Europe and was carried by Spanish sailors to the Philippines.


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