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Switchblade Knives on SALE

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This section will provide you with unbeatable pricing on your favorite automatic switchblades, butterfly knives, spring assisted knives, and more! These items are not being offered at this pricing because they are junk or don't sell! We at Unique Blade get many items in a very large bulk just to give you a great knife for less. Some of these items may be overstock from one of our suppliers and we need to move them. Some of these items we simply wish to give away for next to nothing! Don't forget, you can use any discount we offer on these items, as well. You got it! We don't exclude sale items from our promo codes! Some of the sale items may even get a multiple purchase discount! The bulk pricing discount, can be found right under the normal price, if available! Who takes care of the customer! Unique Blade does, and this section proves it!

PLEASE NOTE: When the stock of these items get low or runs out, your opportunity to buy them at the current price will vanish, so don't wait!


Navigation: If you look right under this message, you will see two drop down menus. The one named "Sort By" offers several different options for viewing the products. This works great if you want to see either the lowest or the highest priced items first! You can also choose to sort items alphabetically or see what we've added most recently!
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17 item(s) - Page 1 of 2
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