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CRKT Carson Big Dog manual folding knife (Black / Stonewashed - non-serr) M21-04G
Product ID : UB-1791
The CRKT M21-04G Big Dog knife features a stainless steel InterFrame build...
Quantity in stock: 1
Ultra Bright 5 LED Head Lamp Flashlight (Black) LED5H
Product ID : UB-1651
This ultra bright 5 LED head lamp is multi-purpose; whether used for outdoor...
Quantity in stock: 7
CRKT Kommer Bear Claw Fix Bladed knife (Black / Stonewashed - Plain Edged) 2500
Product ID : UB-1715
The CRKT Bear Claw knife is the production version of Russ Kommer's original...
Quantity in stock: 1
5.00" X 1.75" Nylon Sheath - Velcro (Camouflage)
Product ID : UB-1646
This durable camouflage nylon sheath is a great way to carry your automatic,...
Quantity in stock: 9
6.00" X 1.50" Nylon Sheath - Velcro (Black)
Product ID : UB-1452
This durable black nylon sheath is a great way to carry your larger...
Quantity in stock: 3
6.00" X 2.00" Nylon Sheath - Velcro (Camouflage / Black)
Product ID : UB-1450
This durable camouflage nylon sheath is a great way to carry your automatic,...
Quantity in stock: 18
Bear & Son Cutlery Butterfly Knife (Stag Horn / Plain Edged) 517
Product ID : UB-1330
The Bear Cutlery butterfly knives are second to none, when it comes to bang...
Quantity in stock: 1
16" manual open Military / Police Tactical baton
Product ID : UBMPT-03
If you are looking for effective self-defense with extra reach, the Military...
Quantity in stock: 1
Black Finger 777 OTF out the front automatic knife (All Black / DE) by AKC
Product ID : AKC-045
The real Italian Black Finger 777 out the front automatic knife comes from...
Quantity in stock: 0
Temporarily out of stock
Stiletto 13" automatic knife (Imitation Tortoise acrylic/ Bayonet) by SKM A. Beltrame
Product ID : AB-101
The Italian Stiletto switchblade has been around, it seems, forever, and is...
Quantity in stock: 0
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947 item(s) - Page 6 of 95
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