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Search by Price Range

Welcome to the "Search by Price Range" section! When you click on the "Search by Price Range" category, various price ranges will drop down below the main category. You can then shop based on your current budget or addictive needs. After clicking on one of the specific price ranges, you will then see more choices drop down. Those will allow you to not only shop by price, but also by specific product groups within the chosen price range. The current sub-categories are "Switchblades", "Butterfly Knives", "Spring Assisted Knives", "Military/Police Tactical Gear", and "Martial Arts Practice". If you do not see one of these product types drop down, it means there are currently no products offered within the price range that you have chosen.

How did this section come about? You, the customer, asked for a section allowing you to shop by price range! You asked and we delivered! We put deep consideration into what you suggest, and act on it A.S.A.P.!!! If you have any more ideas, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our web site is constructed and updated mainly from your suggestions!
Enjoy this new section! We hope it helps to make your shopping experience as stress free as possible!


Navigation: If you look right under this message, you will see two drop down menus. The one named "Sort By" offers several different options for viewing the products. This works great if you want to see either the lowest or the highest priced items first! You can also choose to sort items alphabetically or see what we've added most recently!

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