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Our security measures meet and go far beyond the required Visa, Mastercard and Discovery guidelines for being PCI DSS compliant. A.K.A. Hacker safe!

The Control Scan Credit Card Safe logo, as seen to the left of the site, is visual proof, that we at Unique Blade consider our customers security, to be a top priority! This particular security measure helps to ensure, that Hackers are unable to obtain sensitive customer information. The servers at the hosting company we use have been rigorously tested and will continue to be tested, for any future security vulnerabilities! How do you know that this is true? Simple, the testing is required by every card processor.

The SSL Certificate logo, as seen to the left of the site, is visual proof, that we have an active, state of the art SSL Security certificate. Ok, I know what you are thinking. What is the difference between these two services? The WebTrust SSL security measure takes place, as soon as you click on a checkout button. You can see visual proof of this, when you look at your address bar.

Example: Click on the address and your browser will direct you to our home page then add an item to your shopping cart and attempt to checkout. You will notice that the http section in your address bar will change to https. Note: The (S) which means the page you are viewing is secured.

Have we totally confused you? If we have, here is another way to understand the security measures.

Control Scan Secure =
Rigorous testing and resolutions for any known security (software) vulnerabilities within UniqueBlade office computers, email servers, hosting company, and within our entire web site / shopping cart, which makes it extremely difficult "if not impossible" for a hacker to gain access to your personal information.

SSL Certificate logo =
State of the art 256 bit SSL Encryption tactics, which scrambles your information as you enter it, during the checkout process. This security measure also encrypts your information, prior to it being submitted electronically through our gateway.

Now, if you are definately confused and wish you never found this page, then the explanation below is as simple, as it can get.

We at UniqueBlade have created an environment, in which you may make your purchase, without any worry of credit card theft. Our security measures, follow and surpass the required Visa, MasterCard and Discovery guidelines for being PCI DSS compliant and Hacker safe.

You are safe, when you shop with UniqueBlade!