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Monster 7800KVS Rechargeable Stun Gun with Flashlight (7,800,000 volts)

Monster 7800KVS Rechargeable Stun Gun with Flashlight (7,800,000 volts)
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Price: $45.95
Product ID : UB-1477
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The Monster 7800 is truly an intensely effective 7,800,000 volt stun gun in an extremely small package!

Yes... that's 7.8 MILLION VOLTS!

This "Self-Defense Flashlight" is made of sturdy ABS thermoplastic and it's rechargeable, just slide the prongs out and plug into an outlet!
For recharging, instead of a cord that has to be carried around, at the risk of getting lost, there is a set of retractable AC prongs that easily slide out at the base, enabling the unit itself to be plugged right in to any standard 120 volt household power outlet and it's compact size allows it to be carried just about anywhere. It's SMALLER than a pack of cigarettes!
The Monster 7800 stun gun features a master power on / off switch in addition to the thumb operated button used to activate the stun gun, and a red LED to let you know when the unit is on.
Add a black nylon belt holster / sheath with a velcro closure, and you have an ideal self-defense device, suitable for use by the military, police, security personnel, and civilians.
If you're concerned for the safety of yourself and / or your loved ones, how can you resist? GET YOURS TODAY!!!


Size: 4.00 " x 2.10 " x 1.00 "
Weight: 4.40 oz
Output Pulse Voltage: 7,800,000 volts
Handle Material: Molded ABS Thermoplastic
Options: Bright General Usage Flashlight
Ambidextrous Operation
Master On / Off Power Switch & Red L.E.D. Indicator Light
Round, Thumb Operated Activator Button
Heavy-Duty Black Nylon Holster
(with Belt Loop & Velcro closure)
Built in Charger, Slide Prongs out and plug into an outlet

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