The Top 10 Butterfly Knives for Knife Enthusiasts

The Top 10 Butterfly Knives for Knife Enthusiasts


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The Top 10 Butterfly Knives for Knife Enthusiasts


Butterfly knives, also known as balisongs, are iconic folding knives that have captivated knife enthusiasts for generations. Renowned for their unique flipping mechanism and elegant designs, butterfly knives are both functional tools and captivating collectibles. In this guide, we'll explore the ten best butterfly knives that every knife enthusiast should consider adding to their collection.

**What Makes Butterfly Knives Special?**

Before we delve into our top picks, it's important to understand why butterfly knives are so highly regarded:

1. **Art of Flipping:** Butterfly knives are distinct because of their flip-open design. The intricate flipping technique required to deploy the blade adds an element of skill and artistry to owning one.

2. **Versatility:** These knives come in various blade shapes and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of cutting tasks, from precision work to everyday chores.

3. **Aesthetic Appeal:** Butterfly knives often feature eye-catching designs, intricate handles, and decorative elements, making them prized possessions for collectors.

**The Top 10 Butterfly Knives**

1. **Benchmade 87 Ti Bali-Song:** This premium balisong is a favorite among enthusiasts for its titanium handles, precision-crafted blade, and smooth flipping action. It's a top choice for both collectors and those who appreciate a quality EDC knife.

2. **Bradley Kimura Series:** The Bradley Kimura line offers a range of affordable balisongs that cater to various preferences. Whether you prefer a trainer for learning tricks or a sharp blade for utility, there's a Kimura for you.

3. **Squid Industries Triton:** Known for its budget-friendly yet high-quality balisongs, the Squid Industries Triton stands out. It's a great option for those entering the world of butterfly knives without breaking the bank.

4. **Bear & Son Bear Song IV:** This American-made balisong is known for its durability and smooth flipping action. With a sharp blade and lightweight design, it's suitable for both beginners and experts.

5. **Benchmade 62 Balisong:** The Benchmade 62 is a classic, offering a balance of tradition and modern craftsmanship. Its stainless steel handles and D2 tool steel blade ensure longevity and excellent cutting performance.

6. **HOM Design Basilisk-R:** Designed by balisong expert Basilisk, the Basilisk-R is known for its premium materials and superior flipping action. It's a favorite among seasoned flippers and collectors alike.

7. **Bradley Mayhem:** The Bradley Mayhem combines a unique design with quality construction. Its striking handle design and sharp blade make it an attractive and functional choice.

8. **Kershaw Lucha:** Kershaw's foray into the balisong world has been well-received. The Lucha offers a sleek, modern design with impressive flipping performance at an affordable price point.

9. **BRS Replicant:** The BRS Replicant is a sought-after balisong among serious enthusiasts. Its precision-machined handles and versatile blade design make it a top-tier choice for both flipping and cutting tasks.

10. **Squid Industries Nautilus:** Another gem from Squid Industries, the Nautilus combines affordability with excellent flipping action and a sharp blade. It's an ideal starting point for beginners.


Butterfly knives represent a fusion of artistry, skill, and functionality, making them a beloved item in the world of knife collecting and flipping. When selecting the best butterfly knife for you, consider factors like flipping action, blade material, and your level of expertise. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just beginning your journey, there's a butterfly knife on this list that will meet your needs and leave you captivated by its elegance and utility.

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